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Saturday, 31-Mar-2007 18:22 Email | Share | Bookmark
Along in the Sg Buloh Hospital

my dotter
with Iman at the hospital compound
ready with the uniform
her wrist tag
her records
BP checked
it's time...
on the way to OT
menghampiri bilik bedah (OT)
outside OT
last preparation
last questions to papa
let's go - pushed to OT
dah siap - mabuk bius lagi
baru celik mata
sayang along...
mamai lagi ke kak long?
the next day - sudah ok nampak
soft diet - bubur pun bubur la...
makan sedap woooo...
thank you auntie Mis
buah pun ada
dr hazira's family
penyeri ward...
sajian disediakan begini - hygine sungguh
tangan sapa la tu???
Along was admitted to Sg Buloh Hospital due to her tonsil problem. She had to remove her 'kissing' tonsil otherwise her daily activities shall be limited. When she's sleeping, we could hear her 'dengkuran' very loud. She suffering since she was in her kindergarden and was admitted to Pediatric Ward in Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Her body lacked of oxygen. We tried our best to get it remove earlier but due to our financial problems we had to delay.

Till early this year when she got fever, a clinic doctor refer her case to ENT specialist in Sg Buloh Hospital. Within a week she was scheduled to get an operation to remove her 'forever kissing' tonsil. Registered on 28th March, 2007 and scheduled for operation on 29th March 2007 at 9.00 am. She was sent to Ward 5B, Bed 2. The operation, lead by Dr Kong, took only 1 hour (that's what the doctor had told me) but she only returned to her bed around 12.30 pm. Syukur alhamdulillah, everything was fined. The moment she opened her eyes, she was treated with ice-cream the thing that she couldn't enjoy before .

I would like to thank Dr. Kong (he is cute, handsome and charming and still bachelor??? ) and his team for his successful job. And also to all the nurses in Ward 5B for their patience and kindness and beautiful manner shown. We felt like at home... Thank you very much.

mamafami: thanks for the doas... along looks good now... tp tu la, liat nak makan ubat. all her friends dah tak sabar nak dengar her 'suara baru' sekarang tak der dengar dengkurnya lagi...
Muza: bapak dia rock forever... alhamdulillah, mama dia macam ok jerk...
ida isk: Along dah start sekolah hari ini..
zana: kena soft diet at least sebulan...
dOd: thanks...
mamazieza: kena jaga2 tu mama... depa ni sensitif la... panas x buleh, ice x buleh... banyak pantang. Rasanya tahun ni sepanjang 3 bulan pertama lebih banyak musim panas dan kering dari musim lembabnya...
Syiea: pandai la ko nak kim salam... gi jer spital sg buloh tu, dia ketua pakar kat situ...
Nini: Hajat hati nak cop gak la... tapi pikir2 balik by the time nak jd menantu nnt dia dah dapat parkinson pulak...

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